• Man pouring clear resin into a detailed platinum liquid silicone mold.

    Mold Making Silicone

    The flexibility, durability, and high reproduction accuracy of Sil-Craft's mold making platinum silicone makes it the professional's choice for casting the following materials. [more]

  • Skin-safe platinum liquid silicone lifecasting special effects

    Lifecasting Silicone

    Looking for an incredibly soft, skin-safe platinum liquid silicone for lifecasting, special effects, or prosthetics? Discover the benefits of Sil-Craft's lifecasting silicone. [more]

  • Woman preparing a food-safe silicone mold for baking a culinary delight

    Food-Safe Silicone

    Sil-Craft's food-grade platinum liquid silicone is the safest choice for crafting intricate food molds into which you can cast a variety of culinary delights. [more]


Getting Started with Platinum Liquid Silicone

Two 5k drums and two 1k drums of Sil-Craft 820 platinum liquid silicone, showing both A and B components

Familiarize Yourself with Platinum Liquid Silicone

If you're new to working with platinum liquid silicone, start by obtaining a sample of cured silicone rubber. This provides a visual and tactile reference for its softness, translucency, and other properties. Knowing how fully cured silicone looks and feels is vital for assessing your later work's accuracy.

To get your sample, click on the "Cured Samples" option in the Products menu above. You'll only need to cover the shipping and handling fee of $9.95.

Practice with a Trial Size Kit

Once you have decided on the silicone for your project, purchase a 2 kilogram kit to experiment with. Follow the instructions provided with the kit (available online) to mix, pour, and cure the silicone. Use this opportunity to create simple molds or lifecastings and gain valuable experience.

During this practice phase, pay attention to common curing problems such as air bubbles, uneven curing, or improper mixing. Learning how to address these issues will be beneficial when you undertake a major project.

Plan and Prepare for Your Project

Build your mold before ordering silicone in bulk. Once you have determined the exact quantity of platinum silicone needed, place an order for the material. Order at least 25% more platinum silicone than you think you will need.

Tip: Always compare pricing and order liquid silicone rubber by weight (pounds or kilograms) and not by volume (ounces or gallons).

Execute Your Project

With all the necessary planning and preparations in place, begin working on your project. Follow the procedures you learned during the practice phase and execute each step with precision. Take your time to achieve the desired results, as working carefully will lead to superior mold quality and better castings!


Working with platinum liquid silicone opens up a world of possibilities for creative projects. By familiarizing yourself with cured silicone, practicing with a trial size kit, and planning your major project thoughtfully, you'll be well-prepared to create high-quality molds and castings.

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